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We aim to elevate individual and collective consciousness, empower individuals, and bring awareness of personal and shared subconscious systems through exceptional technologies and educational tools, live experiences, and beautiful natural products.


We’re excited to introduce SPHINX CODE, a unique personal development technology algorithm and platform that unveils the secret code, or the blueprint of personal and relationship subconscious archetypes. Truly, it is an honor to reveal such incredible information that can help transform individual lives through clarity. We as humans are programmed with subconscious patterns at birth and they play out through our parenting and cultural upbringing, creating our personalities. Yet, we all have a unique soul blueprint and animal blueprint (genetics). The cultural programming of beliefs and from karma can be transmuted into balance. The dual nature of our beings can finally be revealed clearly through archetypes laid out through an ancient and now modern tool: Sphinx Code.

Sphinx Code is a new and unique proprietary system using an algorithm that combines birth dates and numerology with the ancient and advanced visual language of the Tarot’s 22 major Arcana and interpretations using the wisdom of the legendary Hermetic Emerald Tablets as well as the Kabbala. Sphinx Code unveils an incredibly vast amount of useful knowledge about individuals lives, enabling alignment and activation of personal empowerment.

Sphinx Code serves a powerful need in the personal growth industry providing deep, useful, practical, and personal guidance that is very real. With so much woo-woo and channeled information, Sphinx Code brings very powerfully real information that touches your being deeply, impacting direct changes in behavior from revelation. Then with clear guidance, Sphinx Code give you direct actions to take to being working on your lower shadow, or your negative traits, so that you can transmute and begin to shine your true purpose and potential. It’s easy to work on your shadow and learn to accept it when you know what it is. Sphinx Code reveals your shadow and light side so you can harmonize into a wholesome being and realize your full potential in this incarnation through this time in life. It is the point after all..

Our company creates powerful educational, inspirational, and life changing self-development content around a dynamic community of individuals, coaches, and experts, together thriving in purposeful alignment. We are developing an app and site to help individuals gain access to this personal information, providing a unique tool for personal awakening. The knowledge of our personal archetypes helps us accept our darkness and transform them into useful tools for manifestation, aligned to our personal empowerment. We hope to inspire you to join our team, helping us spread personal conscious awareness to the world.

Below is more information about the Sphinx Code’s essence and history.

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Actual Emerald Tablet from British Museum

Written around 36,000 B.C. by Thoth, an Atlantean priest-king, this manuscript dates far back beyond reach of any Egyptian writings ever found. The author, Thoth, a Master-Teacher of the early Egyptians, put this treatise to writing in his native Atlantean language and Dr. Doreal, was given the directive to retrieve these Tablets and translate them into English for the edification of modern man. The powerful and rhythmic verse of Thoth is wonderfully retained in Doreal’s translation. Contained within the pages of Thoth’s masterpiece of Spiritual and Occult Wisdom is the synthesis of the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, the guideline for initiates of all ages, revealing the Knowledge and Wisdom hitherto held secret, but now in this New Age, revealed to all Seekers on the Path of Light.

The Spiritual, Occult and Historical significance of the “Emerald Tablets” is almost beyond belief of modern man.


The sphinx, an ancient, mystical creature that combines the eagle, the lion and a human, represents the highest longing of mankind to transcend itself – to raise its lower animal nature to its higher potential and to join itself with Source Energy in everlasting union. The construction of the Sphinx represents humanity’s future:

Etching illustration of a female sphinx. Can be Greek or Roman. A lions body with a womans head.

…the triumph made possible by love of the higher self over the lower;

…of the human, spiritually-driven self over the instinctual, need-based self;

…of the Divinely-led and inspired self over the self that is closer to the animal kingdom.

Timeless yet relevant to today, the Sphinx’s voice speaks to us from the past concerning the joyful reunion that canoccur when humans will becomes joined to Divine will.This joining makes possible the transition from the hu-man to the Divine. It makes possible the emergence of a‘sacred human’ – one who rises out of instinct and person- al desire and moves toward the higher ideals of purity,service, and love for all of Creation. The Sphinx stands as a lodestar or magnet for the future of mankind, and its revelations provide the tools. The Sphinx represents the alignment of the golden ratio, the life force of the uni-verse – PHI.

The Sphinx reveals secrets of life and our incarnation through 22 emerald tablets (energies that have become cards) that were made to represent the 22 rooms of initiation into the knightly priesthood of ancient Egypt, all found within the legs of the Great Sphinx of Gizeh. To attain the goal of merging with the Divine is to under-take a journey of purification and initiation. This journey requires long, deliberate effort, motivated by the desire to reach the end goal of the eternal marriage between life and love. It is the Covenant, the purpose of Creation- the place of both beginning and return. When the soul reaches a certain stage in its development, love calls and inspires it to seek higher nature, moved by the stirrings within. A partnership can then take place between human effort and Divine assistance in pursuit of this goal.This partnership, this marriage of intention between Creation’s purposes for humanity and human purpose, is the meaning of the Covenant.

The initiation into the Covenant took 22 years of meditating, reflecting, and living in each of the 22 rooms(or life energies) inscribed in the Emerald Tablets for one year each. The founders of this application have been initiated and brought to expose this knowledge for the masses through technological advancements. The mystical aspect of this knowledge is well hidden, yet reveals incredible messages and insights of our physical and spiritual matrix so we may learn to understand this sacred marriage of light and dark, of soul and body within and help unlock our truths. Only now can this knowledge be revealed, as we are ready for this understanding on our evolutionary path. The wisdom and guidance reflected through these cards will help us evolve into the new dimensional reality of our planet’s future – and allow for the sphinx to rise through us and guide us toward freedom.


The Tarot embodies symbolical presentations of universal ideas, behind which lie all the implicit of the human mind, and it is in this sense that they contain secret doctrine, which is the realization by the few of truths embedded in the consciousness of all.

– A.E. Waite
the story of the tarot

The Tarot’s mysterious origins and yet powerful guidance throughout time defines this spiritual tool as truly mystical. The 22 Major Arcana and the Fool’s journey describe life’s magical occult science, unveiling coded messages using the beautiful and powerful world of art and symbolism, made for contemplation. Accessing the art’s symbolic meaning brings deeper understanding of subconscious architecture while revealing useful knowledge. The fascination with psychics that read our future through the Tarot is known all over the world. Yet the true power of the Tarot comes in the form of personalized information from your birth date, providing you a unique life path on your way towards liberating your pure essence and gifts to the world.


The Sphinx Code redefines our view of the Tarot, bringing deep understanding of how these different mystical traditions and technologies come together into a cohesive code of our personal lives. The code using your birthday is how we get access to your personal archetypal blueprint. Since the archetypes are images, we have redesigned the Tarot to a new modern and more appropriate aspect with the light and dark designs of each archetype. Keeping true to the original symbology and the secret codes between each card, we evolved the backgrounds to add new symbology from the modern world as well as depth of the psychic field that each of these represent.

The Artist Brynja Magnusson has been studying spirituality for over 5 years, and was initiated into the Tarot 3 years ago for this project. Her creative inspiration and technical skills have created a beautiful and symbolically rich new Tarot deck made specifically for the Sphinx Code.



The knowledge has been translated and made available through a new decoding using the Tarot’s major arcana, called Sphinx Code Readings. Sphinx Code enables each person to activate their essence into the world, through a better understanding of their hidden subconscious patterns, beliefs, and energetic blocks, and uncover their true divine essence. It accomplishes this while revealing personal codes of life intention and mission, to gain self-empowerment and provides the blueprint to thrive in relationships, life purpose, and becomes a roadmap for all aspects of personal life, to attain your super-human birth right.

The knowledge brings us to understand the nature of our karmic and present life path, including what hidden influences our parents had on building our sense of reality, of our masculine and feminine traits and behaviors, and brings us to understand why and how they help us activate our super human spiritual potential of our pure gift. Sphinx Code unlocks the hidden secrets of how you function now. It helps you forgive your flaws and your past, and reveals how you can awaken your truest potential, your gift, and your divine path.

Individual reading layout


Using a diagram of 16 positions based on birth date, each position determines a specific archetype and process of our personality. The code reveals many personal traits and ways of working through personal “wounds” to excel in our lives. The information flows in a specific way through the diagram, presenting key facts and awareness about your subconscious programming and mechanics. From this layout, the user can read many aspects of his life and have a clear idea of his archetypal make-up to provide healing, purpose and clarity.


Putting two people’s charts together, we get a new chart that describes the relationship archetypal form. This can then be put against each personal chart to see the influence on each person, positive and negative, with some useful hints to help the relationship thrive.


Using the year, the month, the week, and the day’s changing energies, there are different “weather” patterns of the subconscious that the Sphinx Code reveals. These are read as general energies that are influencing the world and can be useful to understand the current energetic global climate that is influenced by the global “program”.

Future App – Global and Personal Transit Page


Using the global forecasts, the Sphinx Code reveals personal transits by overlapping the global cycles with personal archetype activation. This allows for ongoing personalized information to be revealed through time. This information is very useful to understand our individual cycles and influences as we move through time, learning and expanding our awareness as we grow.

When you continuously contemplate and identify with a particular archetype it has the capacity to transform your state of consciousness from a low frequency to a high frequency.

-Richard Rudd



Limited Edition Fine Art Print of Your Soul Archetype


The Sphinx Code is the first application that can leverage art and technology to create a unique opportunity and value stake in two industries, which have never truly integrated before. Forty-four unique art pieces, essential to the Code, will be for sale through private events as collectible fine art; printed in limited copies and signed by the artist, Brynja Magnusson. As the technology reaches mass market, the value of the art increases. This is reflected in the exclusivity of the personal archetypes it defines, and can be used to empower a home or office with its exquisite archetypal display. We leverage the art in several ways through product developments, like apparel and other merchandising opportunities and licenses.


The Sphinx Code becomes an incredible technological tool for the surge in new coaches, spiritualists, yogis, and healers that are in competition for clients. Creating an extensive certification course and pro version of the platform, we ultimately create a powerful way for coaches to use our technology and knowledge to differentiate themselves. This provides high value to their clients, and community; and offers the added benefit of becoming a part our sales team.

Exclusive Cards and Book for Certified Wisdom Keepers


We are currently organizing our first certification course to be held on Nov 10-22th, being held near San Francisco in Mills Valley. We will certify 12 people who will forever be known as the original wisdom keepers of this knowledge. If you participate, you will gain tremendous depth of insights and wisdom about the Tarot, as well as the secret code to how to use the Tarot personally through birthday information. Your personal life will become extremely empowered from your own personal knowledge, while your career can expand through knowing this information in how you interact with others.

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