April Certification Training

April 8-22, 2020 – San Sebastian, Spain.

Become a Wisdom Keeper of the Sphinx Code Tarot. Learn the secret code of the Tarot and how to use it for personal growth, shadow work, psychology and spiritual understanding. Gain a powerful tool and system to analyze clients and bring practical information to them, enhancing your skillset and gifts. Become a go to person for personal readings and in-depth life coaching. This tool provides an incredible amount of knowledge for personal work and client work. Join the community and be one of the founding Wisdom Keepers. >>>> LEARN MORE AND SIGN-UP <<<<<<


The magical language of the Tarot’s 22 major arcana is quite a phenomena. Ancient and mysterious, it has lived through the times as a powerful resource for subconscious understanding. Usually used as a divination tool, each of the 22 Arcanas represent much more, as they bring you into an entire story through visual language.

We have recreated each arcana with modern art techniques, new subconscious patterns, but mostly staying true to the hidden messages from the symbolism that makes the magic happen. Each ‘blade’ as they were called by initiates, represents an energetic frequency that resonates its power and meaning into a space, aligning individuals to its vibrancy and geometry.

We are offering 30 limited edition fine art prints of each of the 22 major arcanas. Each print is masterfully crafted with a personal touch from the artist Brynja Magnusson, numbered and registered with us. They start at $ 2500 and rise 150$ with each sold.

BE the first to own your personal archetype, and create your personal alter of you!

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We are so excited to finally be offering our first certification course on this amazing system.


We are taking 12 spots for this course, and forever you will be known as the wisdom keepers of this knowledge.  From that, we are planning on giving you special advantages as you will help us bring this wisdom to the world.

We have designed an incredible financial package that honors the wisdom and intellectual property while fostering fairness and prosperity for your life, so that we can all thrive.

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The Tarot embodies symbolical presentations of universal ideas, behind which lie all the implicits of the human mind, and it is in this sense that they contain secret doctrine, which is the realization by the few of truths embedded in the consciousness of all.      A.E. WAITE