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Getting a Sphinx Code reading by a Certified Wisdom Keeper brings a whole new understanding of the Sphinx Code Blueprint Map. It will bring an entire new vision to your life. A reading with a Wisdom Keeper unveils many levels that are not available elsewhere, bringing a certain flow and pattern to how to read your archetypes in the different aspects of your life. A Sphinx Code reading by an expert gives you the proper information so you can develop your transformations into your higher self, from learning about your shadows, blindspots, and false programs running in your field. Sphinx Code readings provide a full interpretation of your archetypal blueprint and help you understand your subconscious mind map.

Sphinx Code readings are in a series of 6 sessions, each unveiling new and deeper information.

Sessions are $250 – $1250 each.

They help you understand how you are wired psychologically, to learn how to navigate your movie that you’re play, holographic-ally. As you understand yourself, you gain access to hacking your biology through reprogramming certain negative behaviors that limit the light or peak performance aspect of your being.


1. SURFACE READING: A surface reading is the beginning of a reading, where we follow a simple flow to determine your personal superficial characteristics, behaviors and personality. The reading includes an overview of your incarnation and soul pyramid as well as a description of your transformational path. These readings can have a profound impact on your perception. Over 1 hr.

2. SHADOW READING – dive deeply into your shadow archetypes and how to transform them. Through the Sphinx Code we can truly see what are shadow work is, what limiting beliefs, what programs are running from conditioning, what behaviors and traits are pulling us down. Learn all about your shadow before transforming it. 1hr.

3. TRANSFORMATION READING – A transformation reading is all about how you move forward in life in proper alignment with your body and soul working in harmony together. It’s a reading that allows for the transformation and liberation of your shadow, into your light. 1hr.

4. SOUL READING – A soul reading brings clarity on your soul traits, behaviors, and true gifts. In this reading you look at your soul’s archetypal blueprint, going deeper into your hooks and gifts from your soul perspective. 1 Hr.

5. INTERFERENCE READING – An interference reading is where we can nit pick at the potential limiting beliefs and behaviors that can trip you up when you are looking to fully optimize your life. Refining your alignment and avoiding the traps allow you to thrive.

6. HARMONIZATION SOUL PURPOSE – This reading is the liberation and soul purpose. This is where you can fully liberate and shine your gifts consistently to the world. Through this final reading, you will be able to manifest your self-realization.



Victoria Cappuccio

Victoria’s sessions lead from a place of integrative vision from her practice as a medicine woman. With a background in clinical herbalism, she concentrates her readings on the human connection between the plants and planets, weaving in her knowledge of astrology and other esoteric sciences and systems. 

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Jade Duhamel

Speaking three languages and incorporating several cutlures, Jade brings integrative vision into her readings. As a mother of 2 children, Jade also focuses on family relationships through archetypes.

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Greg Kheel

A global explorer, Greg has a sharp approach to get directly to the point with interesting metaphors bringing clarity to your life’s journey.

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David Newell

David brings business aptitude to his readings, where he’s been focusing on helping people jump from their corporate jobs towards their true path. David’s readings are inspiring.

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