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Getting a Sphinx Code reading by a Certified Wisdom Keeper brings a whole new understanding of the Sphinx Code Blueprint Map. It will bring an entire new vision to your life. A reading with a Wisdom Keeper unveils many levels that are not available elsewhere, bringing a certain flow and pattern to how to read your archetypes in the different aspects of your life. A Sphinx Code reading by an expert gives you the proper information so you can develop your transformations into your higher self, from learning about your shadows, blindspots, and false programs running in your field. Sphinx Code readings provide a full interpretation of your archetypal blueprint and help you understand your subconscious mind map.

Sphinx Code readings are in a series of 6 sessions, each unveiling new and deeper information.

Sessions are $250 – $1250 each.

They help you understand how you are wired psychologically, to learn how to navigate your movie that you’re play, holographic-ally. As you understand yourself, you gain access to hacking your biology through reprogramming certain negative behaviors that limit the light or peak performance aspect of your being.


1. SURFACE READING: A surface reading is the beginning of a reading, where we follow a simple flow to determine your personal superficial characteristics, behaviors and personality. The reading includes an overview of your incarnation and soul pyramid as well as a description of your transformational path. These readings can have a profound impact on your perception. Over 1 hr.

2. SHADOW READING – dive deeply into your shadow archetypes and how to transform them. Through the Sphinx Code we can truly see what are shadow work is, what limiting beliefs, what programs are running from conditioning, what behaviors and traits are pulling us down. Learn all about your shadow before transforming it. 1hr.

3. TRANSFORMATION READING – A transformation reading is all about how you move forward in life in proper alignment with your body and soul working in harmony together. It’s a reading that allows for the transformation and liberation of your shadow, into your light. 1hr.

4. SOUL READING – A soul reading brings clarity on your soul traits, behaviors, and true gifts. In this reading you look at your soul’s archetypal blueprint, going deeper into your hooks and gifts from your soul perspective. 1 Hr.

5. INTERFERENCE READING – An interference reading is where we can nit pick at the potential limiting beliefs and behaviors that can trip you up when you are looking to fully optimize your life. Refining your alignment and avoiding the traps allow you to thrive.

6. HARMONIZATION SOUL PURPOSE – This reading is the liberation and soul purpose. This is where you can fully liberate and shine your gifts consistently to the world. Through this final reading, you will be able to manifest your self-realization.



Manex Ibar – Master

Founder of Sphinx Code, Manex is a visionary mystic and powerful shaman that has been leading ceremonies and providing personal sessions for over 20 years. His depth of knowledge in guiding people brings real value to helping impact change in people’s lives. As the founder of the Sphinx Code, he has a profound wisdom to share.

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$750-1250 Per Session.

Victoria Cappuccio – Gardian

Victoria’s sessions lead from a place of integrative vision from her practice as a medicine woman. With a background in clinical herbalism, she concentrates her readings on the human connection between the plants and planets, weaving in her knowledge of astrology and other esoteric sciences and systems. 

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$350-$500 /session

Jade Duhamel

Jade’s bicultural background gives her readings a very unique perspective: her French descent and upbringing led her to be educated through the French mind-driven, highly intellectual and  logical system while, through her Mexican mother, she was introduced since childhood to the world of spirituality and shamanism. As a result, her readings are very structured and methodical, yet deeply informed by her intuition, with a channeling component.

 Speaking three languages and incorporating several cutlures, Jade brings integrative vision into her readings. As a mother of 2 children, Jade also focuses on family relationships through archetypes.

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$350-500 /session

Greg Kheel

A global explorer, Greg has a sharp approach to get directly to the point with interesting metaphors bringing clarity to your life’s journey.

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$350 – 500 /session

David Newell

David brings business aptitude to his readings, where he’s been focusing on helping people jump from their corporate jobs towards their true path. David’s readings are inspiring.

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$350-500 / session

Mike Pinette

Mike is the first Artist to have gone through the full Sphinx Code training protocol and is helping to design new archetypes. His understanding of the knowledge through the code brings new levels of understanding to his readings. Mike is an artist, holistic life coach, traveler and spiritual explorer on a journey to help people live more aligned to their desires with more mental peace, physical vitality and spiritual freedom. Having been on the winding path of self discovery and finding his genuine passions, he now specializes in revealing some of the limiting beliefs and narratives that dictate and shape behavior, health, relationships, and performance for others. Mike has a deep desire to bring people home to themselves in a new way and inspire others to authentically express their unique gifts and true nature to the world around them.

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$150 – 250 /session

Marina Beishkik

Marina has a passion for helping others, and brings a fresh look into the design, coming from Eastern Europe, she identifies to a unique perspective towards the western culture.

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$150-250 / session

Dr. Isabel Sharkar

Dr. Isabel Sharkar is a naturopathic medical doctor and co-founder of Indigo Integrative Health Clinic in Washington, D.C. Using naturopathic healing principles intertwined with deep spiritual practices, Dr. Isabel provides a unique opportunity to countless of women, leading them into full self-expression, through healing the mind-body-soul connection to their personal power. Through her well curated Creatress Unleashed program, Dr. Isabel births the new female archetype, the CREATRESS, who through healing herself is able to heal the world. 

Dr. Isabel stands for empowering female entrepreneurs and CEO boss babes to live their best lives without sacrificing their health, well-being and pleasure. 

Dr. Isabel strongly believes incorporating the deep alchemy of Sphinx Code into her medical and spiritual practices is the one-percent advantage to providing her clients deep transformational healing on all levels. Through her unique style of sphinxing, she walks you through a ceremony and ritual of exploring your inner depths, core beliefs and soul purpose.

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$150 – 250 /session

Vera Kirinchenko

Vera’s journey focuses on healing herself and helping others heal from past trauma, cycles of addiction, and old belief systems. As a nurse and therapeutic yoga instructor, Vera has been on the path of personal transformation through yoga, meditation, and energy healing since immigrating from Eastern Europe over 2 decades ago. Having tried many different modalities of healing and personal development, she came across Sphinx Code, which instantly connected all the dots and shed light on blind spots and false programming which had not been revealed by any other system. Learning and understanding Sphinx Code has been a life changing experience that, continues to bring clarity and revelations about herself and her relationships with others, also helping her understand and transcend cultural boundaries. 
Vera’s readings offer an individualized approach which aims to help identify and move through inhibiting emotions or traumas and guide you to finding your own personal power. In addition, she likes to offer other tools including meditation, breathing techniques, and yoga sequences, which help align the shadow aspects of the soul’s archetypes and bring forth your fullest potential. She offers readings in both English and Russian.

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$150-250 / session

Tina Grassi

Tina hails from New Jersey where she began her journey studying criminal behavior from Rutgers University. Upon graduation she moved to New York City (Manhattan) for the next decade, climbing the corporate world ladder and exploring all the culture and the people had to offer. She continued her own personal development and studies of human behavior and transpersonal psychology and coaching from Landmark Education. Here she eventually worked with the leadership to produce weekend personal development seminars and coach the advanced leadership program. Here she was trained to work directly with future innovators and staff by providing listening and coaching to empower and enable them in achieving extraordinary results in any matter that is important to them. It was here where she also began her study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in order to help people in being able to operate in the world without past thought pattern limitations. Tina eventually moved to Washington DC to receive her MBA in transformational leadership and innovation. She uses NLP, psychology, energy work and deep intuition to help people deepen their medicine journeys and to integrate their experiences into their daily lives. She owns her own integration coaching business and is on her way to receiving her Psychedelic Therapy Certification. One of her favorite tools is using the Sphinx Code to support people in seeing themselves more clearly and deepening their healing work.

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Tina is

$150 – 250 /session